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With your wedding timeline ticking, are you still in limbo of what wedding style to choose?

Take this test and find out what your over-all wedding style really is! Discover your dream wedding motif, and learn ways on how to express it through colors, design, and more.

Real Brides All Over The Globe

No two brides are exactly alike, and since women across the world embrace the tradition of their families and culture, each wedding celebration is unique and beautiful on its own way. Take a peek at how women all over the globe dress to say their “I dos” and be inspired by the style of lovely brides from countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Jordan, Germany, London, Italy, USA (Los Angeles, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii), and Canada (Edmonton & Toronto) and hopefully more to come! Witness the beauty and elegance of these brides on their big day!

It is an honor to be able to fulfill the needs of the brides across the globe. Most are Filipino brides who are based abroad and some are non-Filipinos who opted to have their wedding dresses ordered from the Philippines. To know more on the process of ordering, please go to contacts 

Hello Love by Zandra Lim Designs is a designer’s dream that parallels the unbridled dream of a wedding gown by every bride – elegant, resplendent, and grand. What makes the Hello Love by Zandra Lim Designs different from most off-the-rack wedding gowns both here and abroad is the concept of a semi-customized wedding dress.

These are pre-designed wedding gowns that brides can choose from which are then custom-fit to their body measurements and may be modified as necessary. The designs are changed every year.