10 Biggest Mistakes for Custom-design Wedding Dresses

Jun 29, 2019

Once the couturier is booked, picking the design for your custom-design bridal dress is the most exciting part of the wedding preparation for us girls. We can look thru so many dress inspirations from celebrities, creations of top designers, on Pinterest, even from suggestions of family and friends—our resources are endless! Before you step into your chosen designer’s atelier with your dress peg in hand, it’s good to note the common mistakes you might overlook during the process.

1. Starting your search too early or too late
Don’t get ahead of yourself! Although it’s good to prepare early to get it out of the way, getting your gown design finalized too soon might lead to regret when you think you want a different design after all. However, if you’re only a few months away from your wedding and still haven’t decided, then you’re probably going to end up with a design that might not end up not feasible due to time constraints. Zandra says eight (8) months before the wedding is ideal to finalize to decide on the wedding dress design that you would actually want.

2. Inviting your whole entourage to the fitting
Of course, we want our peer’s opinions! But inviting too many people can lead to chaos. You’ll be drowning in different thoughts and suggestions about your dress and you will end up confused with these conflicting views. It’s best to bring one or two most trusted friends or family members that share your sense of style and who will be honest about how the dress really looks on you. However, if you want to do the fittings on your own, trust that the designer will only have the best intentions for you. After all, you’re going to wear the designer’s creations.

3. Settling on one style only
You probably know what best suits your body and your personal style but the key in having the best bridal dress is by keeping an open mind. Listen to the suggestions of the designer. Don’t be afraid to try a different neckline or dress cut that could better flatter your figure than your original choice.

4. Not setting a budget
The most crucial mistake of brides who get too excited when going to the atelier is when they don’t set a budget. Setting a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll cut yourself short—you can still have your dream gown without going overboard. It will also help designers choose alternative materials and accessories to use to be able to achieve your dream dress.
5. Having your dress made too small
Some might think that having your dress made in a smaller size can motivate a bride to lose weight, however, we don’t encourage brides to obsess about their figure. Also, even if you do lose the weight, having your dress altered to a smaller size is always better than having it adjusted to a bigger size. 
6. Buying your shoes too late
Many brides often neglect the importance of buying the correct shoes for your dress. It’s best that after the 1st fitting, you should consult your designer what type of shoes would look good on the dress. It’s essential to bring your shoes when your designer asks of you because this will determine the final length of the gown.
7. The front dress length is too long
Do you notice how your some of the brides in video tend to trip on their dresses during the walk? One of the factors is having too long of a front dress length! The majority of brides choose them as long gowns are beautiful and festive and allow feeling like a real princess. However, it’s not always comfortable and lovely to look at. It’s better to make the dress length a little above the floor, how high would really depend on the silhouette of your dress. Which bring us to no. 8 below.
8. Standing only on your fitting
Not all who remain standing remains the victor.  In fact, when you just stand during your fitting, you’re missing out on the most important rehearsal of your life. We cannot stress enough how important it is to practice your walk wearing your bridal dress. The last thing you want is to stumble on the biggest day of your life, in front of your friends and family.

Zandra make sure to let her bride practice her walk in her atelier.  Sometimes, what looks perfect while standing would have some length issues as she tries to walk.  We give such importance to achieve a perfect length!

9. Forgetting the chair
On the last day of your fitting—you step into your gown and feel utterly amazing—you love how the dress hugs your perfect curves! However, Zandra suggests to her brides to try sitting down on a chair wearing the dress because that’s probably when you’ll see the ugly truth…it could get disastrous once you try to sit down on the wedding day itself and you can’t sit! Beauty and at the very least, a little bit of comfort should weave together. 
10. Ditching the final fitting
It’s always best to have a final fitting 2 weeks before the wedding. You want to make sure that the dress fits perfectly and have the final check on the design of your dress.

There’s nothing better than wearing a gown that’s comfortable, fits like a glove, and that oozes your personal style—that’s why these mistakes must be avoided to achieve only that. Designer, Zandra Lim, make sure that her brides don’t make these slip-ups to make their wedding preparation experience even better!