3 Stages In a Relationship That Leads to Walking Down the Aisle

Sep 18, 2016




Listen up, ladies! Take cue from newlyweds Marie Aquino and Miguel Valencia’s love story, to know if you and your beau are headed to the same direction.

Famous movie and television love stories always involve some sort of extraordinary beginning – Noah had to dangle off a Ferris wheel in one arm to make Allie go out with him on “The Notebook”, Rachel had to leave a drunken message on the phone to Ross for them to stop being just “FRIENDS”, and, well, Bella had to be born with delicious human blood for Edward to be drawn to her in the “Twilight” saga. These stories are great and all, but there’s a couple who goes by “M&M”, who may give them a run for their money.


Stage 1: Can’t Get Enough of Each Other

She was 12. Unlike her ate whom she looked up to, who was fair-skinned, lean and tall, she had darker skin and was a little on the chubby side. Silent about her insecurity, she was taken off guard when here comes along a boy who looked at her and saw only the prettiest girl in the room. At a young age, Marie was a princess, being swept off her feet by Miguel, her knight in shining armor, erasing all insecurities she forgot she ever had.


After school, Marie and Miguel spoke for hours and hours on the phone, talking about anything and everything under the sun. They also exchanged cheesy love letters to express their affection. As a student with just his allowance and creativity, he gave her favorite Pochi candies, Mister Donuts and handmade cards as monthsary gifts, which of course she loved.

Stage 2: Growing Together

As time passed, monthsaries were turning into anniversaries… and even more anniversaries, M&M couldn’t be happier.

As teenagers, they used to celebrate monthsaries with candies and donuts. On their tenth year of being together, which also happened to be Miguel’s birthday, Marie threw a party for Miguel and realized that now, they exchanged the candies and donuts with wine and cheese.

Stage 3: When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


After fifteen years of being together, M&M sealed their love and are now husband and wife. They are living proof that a great love story doesn’t always need extraordinary beginnings, but two people working hard on the relationship. When asked about their secret, M&M says, “Loyalty, trust, and love for each other. I hope our story will encourage teens, and also yuppies to never give up on true love. Some may be lucky that their first love was their truest and last love but not everyone is privileged to find that one person the first try. Life unfolds in many ways and love is really something that we work on and not just a feeling!”

? Photo Credits: Jo Anne & Jayson Arquiza

?️ Writer Contributor: Issa Gonzales