5 Reasons Why A Wedding Planner Is A Bride’s Best Friend

Nov 27, 2016



Why wedding planners like Rhed Sarmiento is every bride’s hero!

So you just got engaged and you’re swimming through Pinterest and other websites trying to plan the most unforgettable wedding of the year. You hit a point where you’re not sure whether you should be pulling pallets out of the dumpster or renting a grand ballroom. You begin to wonder if it’s actually important to have a wedding when you can drive to the courthouse and get it done in an hour. Feel like giving up? Fear no more because your wedding planner will save you the hassle.

Brides have to look their best on the big day and it’s almost impossible if she’s worrying about little details about her wedding. Luckily, your wedding planner will be your best friend for the wedding and you know they got your back on this one. Just like Rhed Sarmiento, she makes sure that her bride is stress free before, during, and after the wedding. Rhed will take care of your menu down to the photo booth backdrop of your nuptial!

Growing up, Rhed always volunteered in helping her titas plan their birthday celebrations or other family events. She enjoyed organizing the schedule, communicating with the suppliers for the event, and just making sure that everything is perfect. Wedding planning is Rhed’s passion and because of her hard work and determination, she is now one of the most trusted wedding planners in the business for almost 10 years. Rhed also mentioned to us that as a wedding planner, she doesn’t treat her brides like her client but more as like her best friend. She says that throughout the wedding preparation, the bride will share details of her family, friends, and her personal preferences that will help Rhed in her planning. And in the end, Rhed will learn almost everything about the bride as if Rhed knew her all her life. Here are top 4 reasons why every wedding planner will be a bride’s best friend.
1. They know your little secrets

You shouldn’t be afraid to share your deepest thoughts about your wedding with your planner. It helps to be open with them so that there will be no unwanted surprises later on. Let your planner know if there are some specific food in the menu that you are allergic to or if you’re trying to avoid some of your guests. Your wedding planner will take those into note and you can expect a carefree wedding day.

2. You know you can relay on them

The only problem you’ll have in your wedding is how you’re going to get a good night’s sleep before the wedding. For an all-out full planning service, your wedding planner will handle everything and anything before, during, and after the wedding. She’ll be the one to schedule the flow of your wedding down to the required marital documents. All you have to do provide the documents, sign those contracts, choose the wedding motif, approve the menu, provide guest lists, and be at the wedding! On-the- day coordination will just be as flawless provided of course, your planner gets your full cooperation.

3. They help you stick to your budget

Because we all want the most beautiful wedding, you might get too carried away. But don’t worry, your planner can look at your budget and help you move everything around to get the day you really want without going over. Having someone with an eagle eye can really help stack on track, especially when you have a family member hell-bent on using over half the budget on napkins.

4. They know what’s best for you

The swimming through pages of vendor profiles on wedding websites to find “the one” is overwhelming. Most wedding planners work with vendors often enough to know your personality, style, budget, and hook you up with tried and true suppliers that you will love. Wedding planners are also great at translating wedding talk and helping debrief after a supplier meeting. When interviewing a venue, florist, caterer, etc. there are times that you will leave the room totally confused on what was talked about. Planners are great at helping you decide who you want to book for what, and keeping you sane while going through the process.

5. They take good care of your suppliers

This is one insider input that you should be mindful of. The best wedding planners don’t just take care of the couple but make sure that all those who are working behind the scenes are also taken good cared of! As photographer Marvin Dungao of 12 Masters puts it, “they take good care of their co-suppliers which has a domino effect on the over all output of the wedding… happy suppliers = great output!” That’s Sir Marvin talking about #teamRhed!

Every bride needs a best friend! Could Rhed be yours?
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