5 Wedding Accessories That Will Change Your Bridal Game

Sep 4, 2016




These bridal accessories will surely take your bridal game to a whole new level!

Attention, brides: as you know, we all want to do something different for our wedding that will set us apart from the traditional frothy tulle gowns, sleek up-dos and understated stud earrings. May it be your wedding theme or wedding location, we all want our weddings to be unlike anyone else’s. Luckily, you don’t have to spend as much as Kim Kardashian did for her 1st wedding (or was it the 2nd?) just to be the talk of the town. The secret is within your budget and as simple as an elegant flower on your hair. Here are 5 wedding accessories that will amp your bridal game to a whole new level.

1. Crown

Bridal crowns are increasing in popularity, and we firmly believe that a queen like you needs her special crown on the biggest day of her life. Designers creating styles which feature mixed metals, materials, colors, crystals and gemstones are some of the things you should consider when picking a statement for your wedding.

2. A Belt

Adding a belt to your gown will not only emphasize your curves, but with the right design, it will take your gown and your wedding to sophisticated level of class! This accessory will definitely set you a part from any ordinary wedding.

3. A Brooch


This accessory is perfect for vintage collector brides. A brooch may be the smallest and simplest accessory from our list, but it could make the biggest difference. You can express your personality and characteristic with different brooches, which you can have custom made, or from your own personal collection.

4. Feathers


We’ve been in love with feathers as a bridal hair accessory ever since Carrie Bradshaw wore a bird on her head in the Sex and the City film. If you want the same unique look but don’t want to end up looking like part of the Natural History Museum, there are loads of gorgeous feathered hair clips or headbands to choose from, or better yet, ask your wedding designer to help you design your exceptional hairpiece.

5. A Necklace


If you’re wearing a bustier or a gown with an open neckline, you can never go wrong with wearing a diamond-studded necklace that will give your look a whole new feel of elegance. However, take into consideration that if there are heaps of intricate detailing and design on your neckline and shoulders, it may not call for a necklace anymore. So remember to know your dress first before picking the perfect accessory.

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Bride: Christelle by Lito Sy

Bride: May by Vince & Carla

?️ Writer Contributor: Anna Alcontin