7 Essential Tips In Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Aug 28, 2016



Tips from Zandra Lim on what a bride-to-be should remember when picking her wedding dress

Dream weddings maybe different for all of us. Some may want a beach wedding where the couple can hear the calming waves of the ocean while they read their vows to each other, an intimate garden wedding, or if you’re more traditional: a church wedding. But there is one thing that is most crucial— walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown.

Picking “The Dress” is the most exciting part of all wedding preparations, however, this is no walk in the park. But don’t panic, with a few ground rules, a budget established, and expectations managed, finding the perfect wedding dress will be smooth sailing for here on out. So grab a glass of Mimosa and let’s get started!


1.Have A Vision

This is a basic tip when finding a wedding dress. You have to make sure that you have a wedding dress in mind before going to the store or getting your dress made. Take time to look at Pinterest for some styling references. Or if you have a unique dress in mind, try to sketch it out and make your own design. Your chosen wedding designer can help you enhance that vision later on.

Bride: Lara by Myio Okamoto

2.  Ask For A Second Opinion

Invite your girl friends for a cocktail party and discuss your idea for your wedding dress. Take note of what they like and what they don’t like about the dress. Absorb the constructive criticism and improve on your idea. Remember that they also want you to look stunning on your big day, so don’t be a sourpuss!

3. Set A Budget

Although your wedding dress is the most important piece in your wedding, you can’t blow out your savings on it. Establish a budget and the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your wedding dress — and stick to it. Ready To Wed Line or Off The Rack Wedding Gowns include the dress, as well as the estimated costs of alterations, veil or headpiece, and belt which will help you a lot in budgeting the total cost of your dress. However, custom-made dresses might be a little trickier. Some accessories are not yet included or an upgrade of veil adds up to the cost. To avoid any financial surprises later on, make sure to cover all the fashion bases from the beginning.

4. Expect The Unexpected, and Have An open Mind

Hold on to your seats because this might be a shocker: some of the style that you thought you didn’t like might flatter you. Even though you already planned this out and your Pinterest print outs are on hand, you should still have an open mind about trying on other styles. Or if you’re having your dress made, have a little more trust in the expertise of your chosen designer. She’ll now what’s best for your body type. Remember that you won’t really know how the gown would look until you fit it and make the necessary alterations and modifications.


Bride: Peach by Joel H. Garcia

5. Put On A Full Face

It might be difficult to imagine yourself walking down the aisle if you’re trying on dresses with post-yoga hair and no makeup. So try to look your Sunday’s best when trying on your dress. Put on a full face and do your hair in the way you’re thinking of wearing it on the “big day” could make all the difference when you’re envisioning the entire look.

 6. Don’t Forget The Big Picture

You’ve picked the design and the style of your wedding dress, and it’s beautiful! But don’t forget: you should be able to move, dance and sit wearing the dress. You want to enjoy your wedding day and your dress shouldn’t get in the way. There’s nothing more painful to watch than a bride that looks uncomfortable walking down the aisle.


7. Be Happy!

Last but definitely not the least, your dress should make you feel happy! It will not matter if your dress is covered in Swarovski Crystals or as simple as a white silhouette dress, a smile of the bride can be more striking than any wedding dress.