A Year Full of Goodness

Feb 5, 2015



2015 is fully booked! This will be a year full of goodness!

Honestly, I started the year in a not so good state. But good intentions and heartfelt prayers can surmount any difficulty.  I just had to stay still and watch God grow His daily miracles on me and what a blessing it was to behold! I am happy (and daunted with the task at hand) to announce that it has been a very fruitful January and that 2015 is already filled with a whole year of love!

I closed the last day of January (that is the 31st) with my last slot for the year. I am so excited to create beautiful gowns for the whole year! Thank you so much for your continued support! Based on my statistics, 90% of my brides came in from word of mouth, 10% from advertisement. So allow me to thank those people (most of them I don’t know of) who have spread my labor of love, my creations, to my brides.  Thank you also to my co-suppliers (photographers, videographers, coordinators, florists, etc) who have been a beacon of inspiration for me to better my craft . Most of all thank you to my dear brides who wore my creations with aplomb! Without your elegance and grace, my creations wouldn’t look as good!  Again, thank you so much!

Another year, another beginning to set goals. And my goal for this year is to give nothing but my best!