Acquainting with the Types of Train

Dec 8, 2014



Long trains look amazing on pictures! It does but let it be not the be-all and end-all of your wedding gown!

Here’s a run down of the other types of trains you can choose from.

Here we go, the train list…


The shortest train is called the Sweep TrainAs the name suggests, the length is just long enough to clean, errr, sweep the floor. Believe it or not, this is more requested by maid of honors and the mothers! They want a dramatic walk as well. ?

The Court Train, only extends to 12 inches behind the gown. This is slightly longer than the sweep train.

The Chapel Train, while it is the most popular train in the West, it is not so popular here in the Philippines. It only extends 1 yard to 1 and 1/2 yard behind the gown.

The Semi-Cathedral Train, stretches from 1 1/3 yards to 2 yards behind the gown. This is the most commonly used train here in the Philippines.

The second most popular is the Cathedral train, this extends to more than 2 yards to 2 2/3 yards. Given a great angle, this train can look longer than it actually is without having to drag down or carry around a river of a train!

The most popular train, comes as no surprise. Filipinos are big on weddings and every detail is big on production. The Royal Cathedral Train extends from 3 yards to the horizon! Kidding! The longest I have made so far is 8 yards, well within the category of a Royal Wedding!

The Elsa cape, very popular nowadays because of the box office hit Frozen, is also used in weddings! Hi ho, what do you know? It is called a Watteau Train, it is attached at the top of dress or at the upper part of the bodice. It can be the same length as the skirt but it can also extend to give a more dramatic feel (cue: Let It Go).

Whatever you fancy, go for it! Be sure to consult though, as some types of train have certain appropriations.