Bridal Category is…Social Distancing

If you’re a fan of Bretman Rock, then you’ve probably seen his take on social distancing that went viral on social media. Well, one afternoon, it has sparked a spontaneous idea to make a bridal trends-post ECQ. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to dress my brides in toilet paper!). My approach to the new normal is simple….& chic!

Reviva: The Fashion Movement To Sustainable Dry Cleaning!

Did you know that there are harmful dry cleaning chemicals lurking in your garment after taking it to the dry cleaners? These chemicals are called Perchloroethylene or Perc, which is evaporated into our air and we breathe it in, touches our skins, and is thrown into our rivers! Exposure to Perc may cause dizziness, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, and skin blistering. It also poses environmental risk when it’s not disposed properly.

Thoughts Behind The Ultimate Modern Filipino Wedding Fantasy “Ang Muling El Bimbo”

Rhed Sarmiento of Rhed Sarmiento Event Organizer and Planner, was invited by Conrad Manila to come up with a curated wedding booth for the “Inspired Beginning 2019” bridal fair. Rhed instantly knew the people who she’d want to work with that would help her create a unique and creative theme for the event. Within days of brainstorming, she and her team finally came up with a tasteful theme that would bring them back to their childhood, which was entitled “Ang Muling El Bimbo”—the happy ending of Jay and Paraluman.

A Bridal Gown with an Unexpected Twist, Twist, Twist!

Just when you think you’ve seen all types of designs of bridal gowns on Pinterest, Zandra Lim blows us away with an ingenious design like no other. Her unique piece for Bride Ashely will give pride and joy to the bride’s Filipino roots while still giving her the comfort and style every bride wants on her wedding day in these three looks!  

Anatomy of A Bridal Gown According to Zandra Lim

Looking for the perfect bridal gown is a challenge especially if you lack the basic knowledge of the construction of a wedding dress. Luckily, Zandra Lim shares the anatomy of a wedding gown that can help savvy brides in piecing together their dream gown accentuated with the right cut and embellishments, that will flatter her body type and personal style. Moreover, knowing about the bits and pieces of a gown can help brides in smoothly discussing their vision with the wedding designer.

10 Biggest Mistakes for Custom-design Wedding Dresses

ANNA ALCONTIN Contributor Once the couturier is booked, picking the design for your custom-design bridal dress is the most exciting part of the wedding preparation for us girls. We can look thru so many dress inspirations from celebrities, creations of top designers,...

Top 5 Bridesmaid Looks That Will Change Your Bridal Game

    ANNA ALCONTIN Contributor To all the soon-to-be-brides, you know you won’t be able to pull off your wedding day without your girls, so it’s crucial they look their best on the big day, too! After all, bridesmaid dresses should set off the wedding dress,...

Keicy & Ronnie: Love is the Best Medicine

ZANDRA LIM IMASA Designer The Proposal: Keicy and Ronnie’s love knows no distance: the couple have been in a long distance relationship before they finally decided to settle down, and until now, they still remain miles away from each other. Keicy is a practicing...

Highlights From Zandra Lim Designs’ Crystal Bridal Fair

Anna Alcontin Contributor Zandra Lim Designs marked her 15th anniversary as a bridal gown designer with “Crystal Bridal Fair” at Discovery Primea in Makati City on September 15-16, 2018. Several months have passed since the successful charity event. Much has been...

Bride Angel’s Instagram Worthy Wedding Photos We Will All Envy

Anna Alcontin Contributor Getting married for the right reason is key to a successful marriage, however in this era, having an Instagram worthy wedding photos is getting more crucial! Our bride Angel made sure that she’d be looking back at her wedding photos as if it...