Bridal Category is…Social Distancing

Apr 24, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments



If you’re a fan of Bretman Rock, then you’ve probably seen his take on social distancing that went viral on social media. Well, one afternoon, it has sparked a spontaneous inspiration for me to make a bridal trends-post ECQ (don’t worry, I’m not going to dress my brides in toilet paper!).

 My approach to the new normal is simple….& chic!

 Today’s condition can be very difficult for brides to plan their weddings-big or small, so I came up (and dressed up!) with some bridal looks that is most suitable in this pandemic economy.

 Here’s a list of post ECQ trends that I hope are noteworthy… just make sure you don’t write it on your grocery list!

1. Get Lacey

It’s lazy time these days and sizzling hot, too! But trench Coat? The first question that might pop into your head is, “you must be crazy!”

But before you close this window, I’ll have you know that this trench coat is not your average winter wear. The material used is essentially light and comfortable. It is designed as a coat but comfy enough for our country’s weather. My favorite element of this look is the lace and the wide open neckline, which makes everything look classic and romantic. Let’s all get laceyyy!

2. PPE- Project (short) Pantsuit Ensemble

If a dress isn’t your thing (believe me, I’ve countless brides who don’t like dresses!), let’s say this together and be literal about it….screw the dress and suit yourself! A cream blazer with matching shorts (or long pants!) is a stunning look for an intimate wedding with friends and family. It’s comfortable, chic, and over all classy—giving us that Lanvin vibe! Rock your shorts and look chic, as well!

3. Minimalizationisimist (any Mimiyuuh fans?)

For the bride who would still love to wear a traditional wedding dress, I have the perfect inspiration for you! An off-shouldered minimalist gown made in piña fabric is simple but still radiates glamour. The mermaid cut of the dress is very feminine and flirty. It would suit all types of bootyfull body shapes! Plus…don’t you think there’s something about piña that makes minimalism totally charming?

4. It’s Ok, Throw in Some Lux!

 This is another trad wedding dress but with a little more sex appeal. The deep neckline cut is to accentuate your girls that have been hiding in your house (in a baggy T-shirt) and to flaunt those sexy collarbones. The A-line skirt is perfect for brides that couldn’t resist snacking during the quarantine period and have deposited a lot on their hips…oooops! If you’re a little bit insecure about your arms, like me, you can throw in a fur stole that also adds a statement to your look and get a little feel of some lux on your wedding day!

5. Because White is Trite

Ballgown. Norm
White. Trite.

Well, for the free-spirited bride, it may be difficult to be boxed in certain trends  or norms but here’s one design that’s made for her!  Cleo (the dress)  is part of the Hello Love Collection 2019 that took inspiration from the essence of a fulfilled woman. A bride who asserts who she is to the world, in a pandemic situation or not!

Let’s all stay safe!
Stay at home.
Wash your hands.
Adhere to lockdown rules.

Let’s keep the social distance!

Stay positive,