Dave Sandoval’s Secret To A Perfect Wedding

Nov 29, 2016



We all want our wedding day to be unique and have our personality at the heart of it. Your wedding is the most important day of your life and the attention to detail and creative craft that go into the day are essential ingredients that make a truly beautiful wedding. With that, one of the most respected wedding stylists, Dave Sandoval, shares with us his secrets to an unforgettable wedding of the year.

Dave Sandoval’s decorative style and intricate understanding of flowers allows him to create a style that is right for you. He has a treasure trove of wedding props that range from fabulous vases and candles to seating covers and throws.

His style is classic, timeless, and truly elegant which his brides love. He ensures to deliver great result and stunning settings that are picture perfect! He will arrange a consultation were he would really get to know you. Every couple are different and range from the ones who know every single detail of how they want the wedding to be to the ones who would like his expertise and knowledge in helping bring out what they truly love. What ever your needs are, Dave is here to help.

There are many factors that play a roll in determining what style you should go for. Your wedding dress, the church or venue and time of year all pay important factors as well as your taste for flowers.   Dave Sandoval’s knowledge of local wedding venues allows us to take full advantage of the settings, lighting and character of the venue, creatively combining colors, shapes and textures to compliment your wedding day.