Debutant Celebrates Her 18th Birthday Just Like How Cinderella Would

Nov 17, 2017



Debutant Pam didn’t need a young prince for a happy ending. Only her fiery imagination and the hands of her fairy god designers will make her debut wishes come true.

Pam’s debut is exactly how Cinderella’s birthday deserves to be celebrated. Every detail in this party was well thought of—from the invitation, preparation, down to the very last details of her dress and venue. This time, Pam made sure that her version of Cinderella’s ball is going to be all about her. To start with Pam’s celebration, she invited her guests with a purple and gold-themed debut invitation that oozes with princess vibes. Right off the bat there, family and friends already had an idea how grand this debut will be.

Just like in the fairytale, Pam couldn’t have made her vision come to life without the help of her talented stylists and designers. RV Mitra Photography and Woodstock Cinema were devoted in creating awesome photos frame after frame and a magical film that told Pam’s fairytale story.

Pam awed her guests as they entered a dreamlike ball styled by Dave Sandoval. The ceiling was dripping of white petals and crystal strings while the tables were endowed with elegant candelabrum matched with garland of soft colored roses.

To top it all, Pam arrived in a carriage bedecked with flowers and it was absolutely magical!

Now that’s what you call a grand entrance!

The debutant was utterly stunning wearing the iconic Cinderella inspired gown designed by Zandra Lim.

The spin-off blue dress in vibrant turquoise was dazzled with intricate gold embroidery, glass bead, Swarovski crystals that made the gown look so sophisticated. Zandra also incorporated blue flowers and dainty amount of feathers onto the gown to make it look little more playful for the debutant. The dress was just perfect to unveil the lovely lady Pam now is.


Rhed Sarmiento’s team of coordinators put together all Pam’s ideas as well as her event stylist into one enchanted night. The castle cake by Chef Castillo Fuentes was a masterpiece entwined with the bewitching debut that was. It was even made more remarkable for the debutant when celebrity guests like Matt Evans and Bugoy Drilon attended her party and serenaded her on her special day.

The guests partook of a sumptuous gastronomic delight prepared by K by Cunanan.  With Ms. Monique Pascual at its helm, everyone was convinced that the food (and the service) was one of the important highlights of the ball.

Some girls only dream about fairytales, but Pam didn’t want it to be just a meek imagination. She wanted her visions to come true and now that she’s grown to be a beautiful and confident lady, her goal is for her wishes to be granted through hard work and determination—starting with her debut.

Photo credits to RV Mitra Photography

Words by Anna Alcontin and Zandra Lim

Edited by Patrick Ong