Ethereal Bridal Photography That Would Make You Wish You Were Getting Married Right Now

Oct 16, 2016



Myio Okamoto’s thematic photography will sway every maiden to become the next rustic bride.

Say goodbye to lavish wedding theme and hello to a more laid back, ethereal leitmotif because Myio Okamoto is changing hearts when it comes to the archetypical nuptial.

Known for his remarkable wedding photography and in other various events, Myio awes us again with his talent in this bridal photo shot that in favors a romantic and timeless wedding motif. The popular and sought-after and bright, which resembles joy and innocence in his art, is something a bride can only dream of. Along with Zandra Lim’s Design and Lai Reyes-Geluz styling concept, Myio’s vision was brought to life.

The event stylist, Lai Reyes-Geluz staged a homey set up, which played with the airiness of space to give off that feel of ethereal beauty. While the wedding gown is considered the most essential part of the theme, Zandra Lim designed a relaxed garden bride.

Zandra Lim inspiration with her piece is a bride with a classic taste. She is drawn to soft pastels and items that are timeless, regal and dreamy. And because tradition is essential to this bride, an elegant ball gown wedding dress is a must.

This design offers the classic style wedding ball gown silhouette while still giving the bride a modern twist with Chantilly lace on the neckline and sleeves.

Flowers: Dave Sandoval
MUA: Diana Santos
Photography: Myio Okamoto