Fringe Photography For The Offbeat Bride

Oct 19, 2016



Because being a classic bride doesn’t cut it anymore

From selecting the ring, venue, the catering, invites, and most especially the dress—wedding preparation can really take you to a toll. And with that in mind, wedding trends change as frequently as season-to-season, which is why it’s so difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for. For a day that’s supposed to put the tone for the rest of your life, it sounds like a lot of hard work. Fortunately, Michael Galang, a respectable artist in his respective field, will inspire us in this edgy, opaque, yet sophisticated bridal photo shot.

We’ve focused our attention last weekend on Myio Okamoto’s dreamy photos of a garden bride, but now, we encourage you to join the dark side as Michael enthuse brides out there to become more daring.

If you have a tough personality but has taste for sophistication, then your bridal style is something like Michael’s vision. A modern bride like you adores chic, sleek, and sophisticated lines. If it’s visually appealing, dynamic, and trendy, it’s perfect for this fashion-forward bride.

An edgy, sexy, and modern bride was Michael’s inspiration in his masterpiece. And to make his art exceptional, Zandra Lim designed a bold and elegant dress, which accentuates the bride’s curves and assets. This dress allows the bride to stand out from the rest, without straying too far from the femininity and romance of a traditional wedding gown.

Flowers: Dave Sandoval

MUA: Diana Santos

Photography: Icebox Imaging

Stylist: Lai Reyes-Geluz

Writer Contributor: Anna Alcontin