Love Dusts

Mar 3, 2014



The love month is almost over but the season of love will always be in the air. There’s one post I read that says Valentine’s day has just been promoted to a national level of commercialism and consumerism. That’s just right by me, traffic though is a different story. Well, it’s just nice to spend a day to impose lovers to be together, to be sweet, to love more, to be sweeter, and most important is to feel loved even from just a friend. Valentine’s day has a way of doing that.

This early, I teach my kids, who are all boys, to give flowers to their girl classmates, teachers, and their Dad’s friends (who can easily be reached). It’s a subtle way of teaching them that girls should feel they are loved, to express their appreciation, and it tells them how to treat girls. In one note my eldest gave to his teacher, he wrote: ” Dear Teacher J., Happy Valentine’s day! You are very pretty. Love, Seth. ” And in another, he wrote: ” Dear Teacher B., Happy Valentine’s day! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Love, Seth”. I think it’s sweet that he was able to give a positive expression and he didn’t feel awkward in writing those notes. I just hope he will pick up and transcend these moments to his adult life when such instance will make a difference in his life. Because one thing I know, even you are a woman or a man, showing how much someone means to you will make a big difference on your happiness and to those around you. As they say, a happy wife makes a happy life ( now, that’s still a loooong time happening for my kids).

In an ideal environment and circumstance, everyday should be a Valentine. Spread love, appreciation, and kindness. So, yes, even the love month is over, let’s not settle those love dusts in the air. Shake it, move it so love floats anew and everywhere.

Have a happy life!

Sending love in the air,