My Beautiful Bride, Angelica

Feb 11, 2015



I have warmed up to Angelica the first few times we met and more so grew warmer each time she visits me for her fittings.  I’ve decided to mentally take note of all our meetings together because after all what we want to remember are all of life’s pleasant memories. I will always remember her being unassuming and not condescending at all.  I don’t know why I feel she’s an old soul which I believe I also am, the reason why I think her personality resembles mine.  Of course, there’s the mother of the bride, to whose warmth and candor I’ve drawn into!

Her beauty on her wedding day just radiated through the lenses of Benjie Tiongco.  Ian Lipa, her make up artist, made sure the radiance is not lost. Angelica was the epitome of calmness, thanks to Just Like Ours, for a successful event.  A special thank you to my co-suppliers, I believe we worked together on their wedding seamlessly.

Congratulations to my beautiful bride, Angelica and her husband, CJ!