Prayers and Faith

Jul 18, 2017



Prayers and faith lead the way to this beautiful love story straight to the altar, as told by the bride herself, Iris. 

The Vow

Allen and I were introduced by a common friend. We were taking different paths. He works as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst in an IT company while I was a center manager in a brain enhancement institution for kids. After 2 months of exchanging text messages, we finally met and had dinner at Apartment 1B. On our way back to the office where I left my car, his car got a flat tire. Allen was anxious while I am the type of girl who would not stay sitting pretty waiting for the car to get done. I went down and to his surprise, I was giving him instructions like righty tighty lefty loosely while jumping down the wrench. I helped him packed up and drove away. In the car, he said that God may have a reason why it happened. Allen thought that might be the last time we will meet because I got turned off.


Then he courted me…He’s not the sporty type but climbed the mountain with me and my officemates. Every Saturday, he visits me in the office and invites me for dinner. Finally, I gave my “yes” in Caleruega. I had to make a story that I need to check out something there. I answered him there because I told God when I was broken hearted that when I come back, I would be happier already. That was the beginning of our love story which I called prayers and faith. Allen is sweet, thoughtful but makulit. He loves surprising me. Every anniversary, he never missed sending a bouquet from Manila Peninsula. He always makes salubong of my birthday at midnight. He loves receiving notes and letters from me which he keeps together with all the movie tickets when we were still dating. I introduced him to coffeebean which became our favorite and happy place all this time.


On Jan 3, 2016, he invited our few good friends and relatives to witness his proposal. It was our 30th monthsary and he brought me to Coffeebean 26th Bistro. He walked me to an enclosed area that was beautifully styled with flowers, dreamcatchers (my favorite) and desserts. He proposed and to cut the story short, I said yes and planned the wedding in December.


The preparations wasn’t easy but from the start we were blessed to have met the right people to put things together. We are really very thankful to you Zandra because you were the first supplier I want to meet. We didn’t have anyone yet and you suggested other suppliers even if we didn’t book you during the first meeting. I trusted you so much and still very thankful up to now for our wonderful and professional wedding suppliers. Allen and I were able to manage weekends doing our wedding preps but we had conflict with his mom who wants to take over the preparations and have some issues with Allen among others. Despite these challenges, it was really prayers and faith that made us stronger and closer to God and each other.


Wedding day was a great sigh of relief! It was a gathering and thanksgiving for all the blessings and people who care for us. There were a lot of behind the scenes drama that could have spoiled our special day but we opted to be happy. It was Christmas season and we were delighted by the greetings and compliments how beautiful we were. I have to mention that Allen’s “nanay nanayan” cursed many times how beautiful my gown is, paano ginawa, saan galing at bakit may ganun kaganda!! We ended our evening with my family talking about the wedding over leftover midnight snack.



 Although two words (faith & prayers)  describe the secret to their relationship, only one word succinctly encompasses them and that is love.  Love for God and love for one another.  I’ve always believed that no matter how perfect a couple appears to be, they will always be imperfect unless they have the hearts that beat for God. I hope their story inspire the couples to search for perfection in their relationships, that is to seek for Christ in your theirs. Thank you, Iris & Allen!  Faith and prayers.


Happiness on a couple’s wedding day is really a choice!  (Choose to be happy even when some things go wrong or someone wants to spoil it.)



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