Ready To Wed launch

Jun 18, 2015 | 1 comment



Get Ready to Dream and Wed on the 23rd of June

I have always dreamed of catering to every bride’s dreams and desires for a wedding gown. Although many will think that this is a fantasy, my experience in this business of custom-made wedding gowns for more than a decade shows that these dreams can be realized if we can spend more TIME to listen to how a bride envisions herself in a wedding gown and really connect to what her heart desires. To be able to allot time to every bride who wishes to avail of my service, I have always limited booking for bespoke orders. I take it a privilege to be entrusted a bride’s dream but unfortunately I cannot commit my time and resources to all brides that come to me for their wedding gowns. My heart may be big but time is not a commodity that can be stretched with my current line of business thus I decided to explore into a venture that will provide opportunity for more brides to fulfill their dreams of wedding gowns that exude elegance and couture quality.

For more than five years I have planned of introducing my own line of off-the-rack wedding gowns. Now it has finally materialized. Let me introduce to you the Ready to Wed by Zandra Lim Designs, a designer’s dream that parallels the unbridled dream of a wedding gown by every bride – elegant, resplendent, and grand. What makes the Ready to Wed by Zandra Lim Designs different from most off-the-rack wedding gowns both here and abroad is the concept of providing two lines for ready-to-wear gowns. The Prestige Line comprises of pre-designed wedding gowns that brides can choose from which are then custom-fit to their body measurements. The designs are changed every year. The Elegance Line comprises of one-of-a-kind designs that come in only one piece per design, and will not be available for repeat production. The bride can thus be assured that her gown design is unique and truly hers.
I am most thrilled to announce to you the LAUNCH of my ready-to-wear line on June 23, 2015, Tuesday, at the Palawan Ballroom, Edsa Shangrila Hotel.

Together, let’s dream.

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Schedule of appointments are now open starting from June 24. RTW schedule are limited to Tuesday-Friday, 1pm-5pm only. The rest of the week (except Sunday) will be devoted to custom-made orders and weddings on Saturday.