Dec 5, 2016


Caught in between a dream and somewhat akin to miracle, love, in all its glory becomes your well of hope and your endless summer sky.

Rêver [reeveehr], a French word for dream, perfectly sums up the moment in time where all of a girl’s hopes lead towards the altar. Well-loved event stylist Dave Sandoval, the main proponent of Rêver, whipped up a plan that would involve his supplier friends and handpicked partners to recreate the dreamscape realms of every bride. The creative collective team can’t simply say no to a chance to collaborate and lay bare their geniuses. Thus, Rêver, was created.

Almost every girl started dreaming that surreal moment when they were young,  molding an ultimate fairytale wedding in their little minds  and believe that everything is possible when they grow up. While grown ups have created a vision of themselves in that moment at the altar.  Let’s admit it, the acme of those little girl’s fairytale stories and visions are the gorgeous gowns, the stunning and romantic venue setting, their on point make up, and the whole styled set up.  It’s truly dreamy and girls want nothing more than to feel they are at their most beautiful on their wedding day. Luckily, in reality, a bride has just to turn on her wedding supplier-godmothers and all their dreams will come true!

Set at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains, Villa Milagros is a hidden gem that abounds with picturesque opportunities.  A captivating all-white property that oozes with old world charm, splendor, and elegance.

The pinnacle of every bride’s dream is the wedding dress. Zandra Lim came up with a mix of fabulous wedding gowns of custom pieces and from her soon-to-be-released  Ready to Wed line for 2017 also called Rever Collection. Each wedding dress has its own character, each one of them stunning and enchanting! The custom pieces wedding dress were resplendent and impeccable in every way,  made specially for that dreamer of a bride.  While the Ready to Wed line features elegant pieces, made for that dreamer who aims for polished and timeless look.

Gorgeous make up artist diva, Toni Aviles  was successful in achieving the total look of ultimate elegance that no time can defy. Simply ethereal!

Each wedding dress was delicately paired with fabulous earrings from the collection of Christopher Munar.

The lush garden was the venue for the intimate merriment.  Once again, Dave, together with VS&F catering didn’t disappoint.  Every detail was stunning! From the elegant cake by Bethany DreamCakes down to the place cards & menu cards of PrintDivas.  Chandeliers were hanged on the oak trees in the garden. Villa Milagros, for a day, was elegantly treated with minimalism (at some point, Dave couldn’t help but render his bomb style signature, pushing minimalism to a notch). It was exquisite and utterly romantic.

Every glorious detail was dizzyingly captured in sequence by Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza.  J&J, as we call them, are awesome reinvented! Breathtaking pictures!

Last, but not the least, Phoeben Teocson & wife Gen, once again, created a masterpiece of a film.  The fashion film truly grasps the essence of Rever, a dreamscape! Genius!  Watch the video below.