Summer Heat

May 1, 2014



I spent the first few days of April summer in Manila and was eager to escape the heat when I went to Florida, Nevada, and California. Ooops, I thought wrong! Experienced the same heat! Save for a very nice cool weather in the early morning and at night, the rest of the day was Manila temperature.

So back to summer in the Philippines, I had to check my wardrobe for a less furnace-like experience. I’m still in mourning prescription so I am just limited to wearing dark-colored or white clothes but the sheer, breathable, and high tolerance to heat is overwhelmingly soothing to me. So I searched for those kind of clothing in my cabinet and a success it was. Which brings me now to thinking of how those lovely entourage dresses can manage to resist heat, sweat, and lethargy in the long run. Remember, you will have to wear an entourage dress for a max of 12 hours! Not all venues offer sufficient air conditioning and in between the venues from church to reception, entourage and guests will just have to brave the heat and the sweat that comes with it. Thank goodness to the invention of silky sheer chiffon which just flows through the summer wind and breathes through the summer heat! Can’t imagine a full gown in taffeta (and corsette!!!) under the blistering heat of the sun, it’s gonna be a sauna-ish kind of day!


How I wish I have an armful of entourage pictures to show colors of summer. The bright summer days and the merchandise displays subliminally tell us that summer context is about bright colors to signify lively, brighter, freer days of sun.

My take on summer colors is to cool down the heat a bit. A refreshing color will surely soothe the eye and invite in at least a tepid temperature but will still have the entourage and guests burst out in enthusiasm.

These colors are just on summer!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, girls! Don’t forget to hydrate!