The Biggest Myths About Curvy Brides Debunked

Sep 25, 2016



Plus-size brides are so gorgeous; you’ll eat your heart out

For all you plus-size brides out there: it’s time to flaunt your beauty to the world and rock your curves down the aisle! Ditch those outrageous diets— your curves are in for the season and we’ve listed three biggest plus-size bridal myths that you should ignore.


Myth #1: You HAVE to wear an A-line dress

It’s completely unnecessary to wear an A-line dress to compliment your curves. Don’t be afraid to try out different designs such as dropped waists or mermaid silhouettes. You can also consult your wedding designer for which type of dress will flatter your voluptuous figure. Remember that the fit is the most essential part of the dress and not your weight.


Myth #2: Don’t put too much detailing on your dress

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and you should only look like royalty. Feel free to ask your designer for intricate beadworks and detailed embroidery on your wedding dress if this is what you want. You are the star of the show and you shouldn’t be scared to shine bright!


Myth #3: You should always hide your curves

Thanks to our gorgeous curvy sister Ashley Graham, fat shaming is way behind us.  So on your big day, be you and be bold! Being plus size or curvy isn’t something that you should be ashamed of anymore. You’re already so beautiful and all you need is some confidence to show the world your exquisiteness. And don’t forget, you are marrying someone who loves you and your shape, so flaunt those fabulous curves down the aisle.

? Make up: Lindsay Co-Alog

? Photo: Myio Okamoto

Flowers: Dave Sandoval

Stylist: Moki Gray