Unconventional Pre-nup Photo Concepts To Change Your Engagement Game

Nov 17, 2016



Geof Lagria’s Unique Styling For Pre-nuptial Photo Shoots

Wedding bells are ringing, plans are laid out and one thing’s for sure in the list-wedding prenup photo shoot! Well, it is actually one of the trendiest things modern couples do today. They definitely can’t miss that out. Despite the hundreds of your moments together, it could be like something that you both can keep, something you can look back to, an open book of your moments together as an engaged couple just a few months or weeks before the big day! Truly romantic, isn’t it?

As romantic as it sounds, we don’t want your prenup wedding to be boring. Geof Lagria, a wedding/engagement shoot style engineer, is all about uniqueness and originality in his concepts, which will surely make your prenup photo shoot stand out from the rest.

Geof is just one of the many artists in his family, and with that, creativity runs through his veins. He always has fresh concepts for his clients that show his style and the clients’ personality in one picture. Although engagement styling was not his first choice in career, he found his passion in the heart of Cebu where he established his name as one of the most respected prenup stylist at present.

If you’re looking to have prenup photos to remember but you and your future hubby are both afraid to run out of poses of sweet gestures, then Geof’s 5 prenup must haves is the perfect read for you. In his blog, he emphasizes the importance of attention to detailing and self-confidence to be able to take good shots of the happy couple.

Geof Lagria’s style for wedding/engagement photo concept is very modern that many of his clients and social media followers adore—especially the millennial couples. Although his work is normally very fun, colorful, and creative, he can still turn a simple venue to be the most elegant setting for the perfect prenup photo. Here are some of our handpicked favorites from his past project.


Writer Contributor: Anna Alcontin
Geof Lagria Styling: http://geoflagriastyling.com/