Wedding Accessories: How To Match The Perfect Jewelry With Your Gown

Nov 25, 2016



Tips for picking the wedding jewelry inspired by Christopher Munar

When it comes to style, we’re all ears for the hottest trends. We all want to be different and edgy—but on your wedding day, you need to look seamless and your jewelry is essential to give your dress a little extra pop! Sometimes the latest accessory trends might not be the one for you, so you have to take note on the shape and style of your dress as well as your own personality.

Christopher Munar, one of the hot jewelry designers at present, will inspire us in his designs that were used by famous local celebrities, beauty queens, and even real brides! If you need a little guidance when it comes to accessorizing your gown, read on below.


1. Don’t Over Do It

We know you want to shine and sparkle on your big day, but don’t over do it! You’re already stunning, and over doing your accessory might just be a little too distracting when you’re walking down the aisle. We want your guest and your groom to focus on you, and not too much on your accessory. Keep “less is more” as your mantra and stick with a few key pieces rather than accessorizing every part of your body.

2. Match Your Metals With Your Dress

Can’t decide between silver and gold jewelry? Let the color of your gown guide your choice.


If your gown is white/ivory: This bright hue looks prettiest with platinum or silver pieces

If your gown is white/ivory with gold embellishments: Gold jewelry will best match your gown.

If your gown is champagne: Gold jewelry will complement the warm tones in this very light beige color; if you’re putting together an antique-inspired look, burnished silver with zircon stones also work well.

If your gown is blush: Try rose gold. The pink cast in the metal will coordinate with the soft pink of the dress.

3. Consider Your Dress’ Neckline


If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline: To create height and to direct all eyes to your smile, consider wearing a choker with this silhouette. The necklace style is making a comeback and looks timeless with this neckline. Another option: Skip the necklace and wear statement chandelier earrings instead. Pull your hair off your face and add a few fresh flowers, ’20s-inspired feather barrettes, or another simple embellishment that works with your look. As your décolletage is the focal point, you’ll want your standout pieces there, but don’t hesitate to add a smaller bracelet, bangle or cocktail ring to balance everything out.

If your dress has a V-neck: This style is made for décolletage decoration. Opt for a choker or pendant. Or try layering both, if they’re delicate pieces. Pair the necklace with earrings, which could be small or dangling—whichever looks best with your hairstyle.

If your dress has a halter or reverse halter: Focus your accessories on your hair by putting pins, combs or vines. These can be sleek, bejeweled or floral, depending on the effect you want. Going for a retro vibe? Try a gorgeous embellished birdcage veil. If you need a little extra something, try a bracelet or cocktail ring.

4. Don’t Get Overwhelmed

If deciding on your jewelry seems more difficult than finding the gown, focus your search. Try consulting your wedding designer with what type of accessory will complement your dress, or vise versa. Jewelry designer like Christopher Munar will help you decide on the perfect piece that will match your wedding gown.

5. Be Yourself

This is the most important part of choosing your jewelry; your accessory must reflect you. If you’re not comfortable wearing big, chandelier earrings, stick to studs. Love the way you look in a lariat necklace? Go for it! If you’re happy in all your accessories, you’ll feel confident—and that’s the best accessory of all.

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