Zandra’s Tips on How To Properly Care For Your Bridal Gown Before The Wedding Day

Jun 15, 2019


After months of choosing the perfect style of your wedding gown, the perfect cut, the perfect shade of white, hard work, and hard diet… finally, the dress is ready and made! You are left with options to: 1. have the dress delivered by the couturier and have it set up on the day itself or 2. Pick up the dress before the wedding. But what should you do if choose the latter option? You still have a few days before the wedding and the last thing you want on that dress is a stain. You could avoid tragic accidents happening to your gown by following Zandra Lim tips on how you can properly take care of your bridal gown before the big day:

Photo by: Chesknots

1. Transporting Your Dress

Once you’ve picked up your dress at the boutique, make sure you place it flat on the back seat of your car. The gown needs space, so don’t think of picking your gown up after a heavy grocery shopping.  If possible, visit the boutique early in the morning, get the dress, go straight home and store it properly, and then, you can go ahead with your daily errands.


2. Remove the Plastic

Remove the plastic especially if it needs to be stored more than a few days. Plastic does not allow the fabric to breath, which can cause a white dress or light colored dresses to stain, as chemicals breakdown and gasses are emitted. Using plastic to wrap the gown is not recommended unless it’s colored. That’s why Zandra makes sure to use garment bags to wrap her wedding dresses.


3. Hang Your Gown!

Hang it as high as possible when you get home, such as a door frame. Leave it in the garment bag and open the bottom of the bag to spread the train so it doesn’t wrinkle. If it’s not high enough, just lay a sheet of cloth on the floor and place the train on top. DON’T hang your gown from a light fixture or ceiling fan if you don’t want to wear a burnt or ragged bridal gown on your wedding day.


4. Keep In Room Temperature

Zandra highly recommends brides to store their dress in a spare room right after the pick-up. Don’t live in the basement or attic as it might cause the dress to get damp and dusty. Don’t leave it in an environment where the temperature and humidity fluctuate or under direct sunlight.


5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We don’t suggest you store your dress in the bedroom because you can’t be tempted to try on that dress. As much as you want to look at yourself in the mirror wearing that gorgeous gown once more, your chances of staining and potential oil marks increase with each time your dress is held.


6. Get Rid of The Wrinkles

If you’re traveling on a plane or will be driving for a long time with your dress at the back seat, chances are, your dress will wrinkle. To straighten them out, first, hang the garment on a door frame and use a steamer. DON’T steam it directly to the gown. Use a white, flat sheet as a pressing cloth between the clean sole plate of your iron and your gown to avoid any unwanted accidents cause by the heat of the steamer. A low heat setting with no steam for chiffon, organza, crepe, georgette, and chantilly lace. Medium heat for satin, mikado, alencon lace, and stretch fabrics. Higher heat may be used on cotton and linen, but must be done quickly & with the pressing cloth.

 You may think that these instructions are too much, but with the amount of work, money, and stress you have put in picking this perfect dress, you would want to avoid anything that could harm the beautiful gown. Follow Zandra’s tips and you’ll surely walk down that aisle flawless as ever!