Nov 17, 2017



Welcome to my newly designed website!

 I so loved my old website design that there was a little pinch in my heart when I decided to let it go.  As they say, all things must come to an end. So, there it flies to the wind. May its good vibes remain in the soul of this new design and whisper nothing but the best wishes for me, my readers, and my future brides.

 So, here we are!  With a totally new colorful visuals, page after page.  You and I will not only enjoy the showcasing of each wedding dress design but we will also enjoy a handful of masterpieces from photographers (bit by bit we will add into this). My gallery will be as much theirs as it is mine! I am so excited to fill this website with design & photo masterpieces!

 Alas! Pictures are not all there is to this website.  So, what did I add?



Are you a totally clueless bride? Some brides I have encountered found it the absolute hardest to decide on their wedding style.  However hard it is, don’t fall into the trap of ditching having a specific style!

 Let me help you find the right words to describe what you want! A little of something here and there, however vague in your head, may be put together and will help you understand the style that you really want. I believe that if you are able to put definitive words to your wedding style and use that to describe your vision, 100% that things will have turn out much better.  Working with brides and helping them decide the colors and their design preferences made me conclude that it is indeed beneficial to define a style.  Now, go on and take the quiz!

 Check the link at the bottom of the result for gown recommendations depicting your wedding style!


A bride must be armed with an inspirational board.  An inspirational board or a MOOD BOARD will make a huge difference in the process of planning and styling your event.

As a bride, you would think you know what you want. But if words would fail miserably in trying to convey your design concepts, as a supplier in the receiving end, it is very easy for us to misinterpret a bride’s expectations.  Even if everyone in your dream team is talented and has top-notch work, it can happen. So heed my advise that you need a mood board!  Visuals can communicate things that words can escape.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and mood boards are great tool to create that picture for yourself and your chosen suppliers.


Style of the month is a deconstructed mood board complete with descriptions and suppliers recommendation.

 Go back to this link every now and then to find new styles!

Happy selecting!

I hope you’ll find this website interactive, fun, and informative!  Please share the website link  and let others enjoy the new features, too!

Do drop me a note if you have questions, little or massive, who knows? I maybe of help! I maybe the designer you are looking for! *wink *wink

Have a happy and  stress-free wedding preps!