Blush Brides: When Brides Break The Rule

Nov 21, 2018



We love a bride who’s daring and willing to take risks when it comes to edging up their bridal game. Although the classic white wedding dress is traditional, more and more brides are trying an unconventional wedding gown in blush pink that is inspired by famous Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Gwen Stefani.

Zandra Lim’s Designs paces with the trends as brides rock the altar in their jaw dropping blush pink wedding dresses. Ready to break the rules? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider blush pink as your wedding dress:

1. Celebrity Approved Famous celebrities wore blush pink bridal gowns, and you shouldn’t shy away from feeling like a star on your big day. Zandra Lim’s bride, Myla, was absolutely stunning in her atypical wedding dress. This dress exudes intricate embroidery cascading from off the shoulder to the skirt; Bride Myla couldn’t feel more like a superstar as she walked down the aisle.

Bride Myla Photo: Eight Productions (Dumaguete Wedding)
2. Revel In Romance Blush Pink can turn any room into a romantic fairytale gala. If you want to be a little more conservative in making this bridal decision, Zandra Lim designed a bridal gown that is classic from the top and blush pink at the bottom—almost like an ombrè effect. This dress is perfect for brides who still want to keep it a little more traditional.

Bride Xiomara Photo: Nice Print Photography (Batangas wedding)

3. It’s Chic for every color, shape, and size Blush Pink acts like a universal color that is flattering for every bride. In fact, many brides go with ivory instead of white for a more flattering hue. Blush pink wedding dresses have that same effect and looks lovely on almost every skin tone! What’s even more interesting about this color is that it could be styled and cut in different ways and still look utterly elegant.

Bride Charm Photo: CamZar Photography (Tagaytay Wedding)

4. Blush Pink Goes Along With Any Wedding Aesthetic One of the most stressful parts of wedding preparation is picking the wedding motif and aesthetics, and the colors that go along with. Luckily, blush pink works well in any setting. Whether it is a romantic, classic, or rustic wedding, you will definitely be on point! Incorporating this color to your wedding will automatically turn the room elegantly romantic in every way.

Bride Angel Photo: Stephan and Nakita (New Zealand Wedding)

5. It’s ‘You’-nique But Timeless  Although Blush Pink is not the most popular color for a bridal gown, this hue is still classic and timeless. This color motif for your wedding dress is something that would make you stand out from the rest without making you ask yourself “what was I thinking?” after a year when you’re looking back to your wedding photos. In photo is bride Jewels in the faintest shade of pink.

Bride Jewels Photo: Captured Frames (Australia Wedding)