Top 5 Bridesmaid Looks That Will Change Your Bridal Game

May 31, 2019



To all the soon-to-be-brides, you know you won’t be able to pull off your wedding day without your girls, so it’s crucial they look their best on the big day, too! After all, bridesmaid dresses should set off the wedding dress, flowers, and help set the tone of the wedding. Picking out the right style, color, and accents maybe a challenge, that’s why we have listed down top 5 bridesmaid dresses, by Zandra Lim, that are unique, chic, and on trend:
1. Fun Prints for Fun Bridesmaids

Zandra Lim designs bridesmaid dresses that are definitely not boring, and these girls look like their having the time of their life! Incorporating fun prints like flowers that are paired with a vibrant hue such as pink, give so much life to the bridal dress and the whole wedding setting!

2. Classic Bridesmaids with a twist

Although these dresses are in the same color, they are all styled differently that compliments each bridesmaid’s figure. The organdy floral prints sheared on top of the blue fabric gives the dress elegance and a unique appeal.

3. Bold and Vibrant Bridesmaids

The vibrant color such as yellow and coral—2019 Pantone color of the year—is exciting, fun, and breezy looking, which is perfect for our summer brides! Be creative and don’t be afraid to mismatch colors of dresses that will make each girl standout—and different styles allow each bridesmaid to find a hue and cut that is perfectly suited for her.

4. Shimmery Bridesmaids

If you want your girls to really standout, then make them feel like a million bucks with sequined dresses! Sequined bridesmaid dresses are glamorous, unique, and will totally elevate your bridal game. But because the bride is still the star of the show, we don’t want the bridesmaids to out shine the bride. Zandra Lim paired a flowy skirt with a sequined top that are cut in different styles to make each bridesmaid distinct from one another.

5. Traditional Bridesmaids

 If all things fail, go back to the basics! Pick the dresses in the same color, style, and cut that will suit your wedding motif and will compliment all shapes and size. These bridesmaid dresses may be traditional, but they are still timeless and sophisticated.

There are absolutely no rules on how you should dress your bridesmaids. You can go with something atypical or stick with the classics. Just be open and honest with your girls about your ideas and goals, and ask them for their opinions—the process will result to everyone’s happiness. Remember choosing bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t be a stressful job—this should be a fun, bonding activity that you and your closest girlfriends will get to experience together!